While the litigation that exposed the threat to users of Virginia’s public rivers has concluded, much of the expense associated with the defense of the public’s right to freely use and enjoy them in a responsible and legal manner remains.  The defendants stood up for all Virginians and spent over two years of their lives defending river users’ rights in court.  Please don’t allow them to be stuck with all of the debt associated with fighting for all of us.

Friends of the Rivers of Virginia (FORVA), a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization, is supporting efforts to fight this attempt to privatize a public river and is serving as the fiscal steward for the VRDF.  Tax exempt contributions to support FORVA’s non-profit purposes, including their support for VRDF’s litigation efforts, can be made through this link.  Any proceeds raised in excess of those required to defend this case will be donated to non-profit organizations whose mission is conservation and stewardship of our state’s rivers. 

For online donations please click the “Donate” button.

For checks or money orders send to:

Friends of the Rivers of Virginia (FORVA) (a 501(c)(3) registered charity)
PO Box 1750
Roanoke, VA 24008

!! Please write VA Rivers Defense Fund in the Memo Line !!

Download the VRDF donation flyer for display at retailers, sending to club members or posting on message boards/forums.

Additional “perks” for donating:

For a limited time, all of those who make a donation of $100.00 or more, will receive Steven Moore’s Catch Guide series of four e-books Wade Fishing the Rappahannock River of Virginia, Wade Fishing the Rapidan River of Virginia, Wade and Shoreline Fishing the Potomac River for Smallmouth Bass, Trout and Smallmouth Fishing on the North Branch of the Potomac, a $39.80 value.  Simply email email with “donation discount code” in the subject line.

Thanks to those listed below from whom we have received donations as of 10/5/12.  Also, a special thanks to Jeff Kelble (Shanandoah Riverkeeper ), Pat Calvert (James Riverkeeper), Bill Tanger(FORVA President), Dan Genest and Jason Halbert (Oakhill Fund) for their faithful support and time put towards this cause.

Agua Fund
Christopher Anderson
Carter Andrews
Team Building Associates
AutoBoof Prod.
Phil Bailey
Don & Lynn Barber
Dennis & Anne Barnes
Lawrence & Rosalind Bartel
Nation of Virginia Bass Federation
Katherine Beard
Thomas Benzing
James & Joanne Bevins
Jayne Bierman
Paul Bisbee
Richard Brantley
Frank Brawley
Matthew Bray
Mike Brinkac
Dean Broga
Michael Brooks
Garrick Brown
C Hobson Bryan
Eric Burgdorf
Roderick Burke
Stacey Burzumato
G E & KC Busch
Brett Byerly
John C Cabell
Ed & Jayne Caldwell
Consulting Calibrated
Bo Calvert
John Campbell
Coastal Canoeists
John Carpenter
Sean Cave
Thomas Chandler
Robert Chase
Shana Clarke
Audrey Clement
Rich Collins
Barbara Comstock
Christopher Cook
Peter & Faye Cooper
Samuel J, Jr Cosnotti
R. Reynolds, DVM Cowles, Jr
Frank Cox
Austin Cox
Cabell Cox
Bob Cramer
Brad Davis
Tobias Dengel
Dennis Dineur
Leslie Disharoon
Morris Distributing
William Drake
Charles Drasser
Kenneth Eastwood
Kermit Ellis
Link Elmore
Amy England
Mark Kovach Fishing Services
Scott Flear
Mike Flint
Murray’s Fly Shop
South River Fly Shop
Crossroads Mill Foundation
Freddie Mac Foundation
Michael C Fox
Carl F Frishkorn
William H Funk
Michael Gingerich
George Grattan
Joel Greene
Ned Gumble
Jason Halbert
John Quinn III Hall
G W Hall
Greg Hall
Larry Haugen
Charles Hawthorne
John & Deborah Hendrickson
John Hendrickson
Kenneth Hitchens
Carl & Norma Hoffman
Andrew Holmaas
Charles Hoysa
Robert Humphrey
Robert Hurst
Virginia Division Izaak Walton League
Roanoke Chapter Izaak Walton League
James River Association
Rupert & Carol Jennings
Harold Johnson
Joel Johnson
Freeman E Jones
James Josephson
Eugene Kea
Roy Keeler
Jeff Kelble
Kevin Kelleher
John Kelly
Donald A Jr King
Patrick Klingensmith
Ronald Knipling
Keith Kolischak
Chuck Kraft
Irving Dr Kron
Nicholas Kuttner
Doug Lane
David Lane
Minnie & Bernard Lane Foundation
Andrew Larsen
Todd Lasher
Thomas & Stacy Lawhorne
Rick Layser
Cynthia Lindsay
Charles & Lynne Lindsey
Bob Lloyd
Ed Lloyd
Kraemer Lovelace
Wilson MacIlwaine
Dixie Maggart
Richard & Catherine Marx
Clayton Masur
John Mattern
Kelly Mattox
Mark McKinney
David Meade
Kevin Meeks
Walter Mendoza
Matthew Miles
Matthew Miles
AR & Judith Miller
Muddled Minnow
Mike Minogue
John Miska
Stephen & Donna Moore
Chad Morgan
Fahy Mullaney
Urbie & Marilyn Nash
Stephen Nauss
Thomas Newbill
Terry Newendorp
Trace Noel
Float Fishermen of Virginia
Fly Fishers of Virginia
Potomac River Outfitters
Twin River Outfitters
George Overstreet
Richard Owens
J Terry Parsley
David Payne
Michael & Robin Phillips
Charles Phillips
Ashley Pillar
Robert & Jeanne Pitner
Chad Plumly
Boyd & Joan Post
James & Mitzie Preuss
Wyndham Price
Wyndham Price
Georgina Price
En Rader
Alan Raflo
William Randall
James & Amy Ray
Thomas Reisdorf
Wayne Remington
J Scott Jr Repass
Robert Reynolds
Andrew Riccobono
Peter Rice
Joseph Rinkevich
Appomattox River Company
Steven Romine
Doug Sandifer
Allan & Mary Scanlan
Robert Sam Scates
John Schmidt
Matt Schwartz
Kinney Scruggs
Joe & Marie Seiffert
Norval & Linda Settle
Vance & Donna Sherwood
Alan M Short
Daniel Short
Potomac River Smallmouth Club
Curt & Harriett Smith
Steven Smith
Charles Snodgrass
Oscar Starz
Wayne Steck
Douglas & Doran Stegura
Stonefly Press
Patrick Taylor
Alice & David Tayman
TC Cooper Construct.
Commie & Cecilia Tedder
Charles Thacher
Ann & Charles Thatcher Fund
John & Carol Thomas
Andrew Thomasson
Joel Thompson
Total Enviro Concepts
Robert Traxler
Thomas Jefferson Chpt Trout Unlimited
Rapidan Chapter Trout Unlimited
Skyline Chapter Trout Unlimited
National Capitol Trout Unlimited
New River Valley Chpt Trout Unlimited
Nutmeg Chapter Trout Unlimited
Shenandoah Chapter Trout Unlimited
Fairfax Chapter Trout Unlimited
Massanutten Chapter Trout Unlimited
Albert Turnbull
William Turner
Robert Turner
Mark Feltner Va Coastal Access
Michael & Shannon Valentine
Margaret Van Yahres
Pamela Vaughan
Raymond Vaughan
Herbert Vitale
James Wagner
David Wagoner
Doug Walden
Kenneth Wall
J F, Jr Walrond
Sean Walsh
Eugene Watson
James Watts
Kyle West
Richard & Beth White
Richard White
Steve White
C L & Kathryn Whitten
Jason Williams
James Wine
George Wooten
Clifton Wright
Christopher Young
Stephen & Ann Astarita Zakur

If you’d prefer to not be listed please indicate on your check or send an email to with the subject “do not publish”:

If you have questions email:


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